2020 Asia Brass Festival Trombone Competition 亞洲銅管音樂節長號大賽

2020 Asia Brass Festival Trombone Competition 亞洲銅管音樂節長號大賽
Shanghai, China 中國‧上海
Date比賽時間: July 14-19th, 2020 / 2020714-19
Location地點: Kang Chiao International School East China 華東康橋國際學校

Groups 組別The prize 各組獎項Repertoire 指定曲目 |曲目参考与谱例下载 |Preliminary Requirements 初选影片规定

1/1: Registration Begins 開始接受報名
4/30: Deadline of solo preliminary video upload 獨奏組初賽上傳截止
5/11: Solo Jury Selection & Finalist Announcement 獨奏組初赛評審獎及決賽名單公佈
7/14-19: Solo & Quartet Final Round 獨奏組與四重奏組決賽
7/14-19: Winner’s concert 首獎音樂會

Requirements 報名資格:

Have to be the member of Alessi Seminar Asia or Summer Camp 2020, could submit the competition when registering the course. If you had won the 1st prize of Asia Brass Festival Trombone Competition in any age group, cannot be in the same group again. You will be placed in the higher age group for competition.  The quartet group will be placed by the oldest member, could upgrade to the higher age group. One you had be selected as an participant, you will be placed in Alessi group in the competition.

需為2020 Alessi Seminar Asia及Summer Camp 學員,並符合分組年齡限制,可於報名課程組別時一同報名長號大賽。如曾獲得亞洲銅管音樂節長號大賽各組之首獎者,無法再次報名同一組別,將安排向上一級之組別參賽,若您被选为精修组成员,独奏比赛将被安排于Alessi组进行。团体组依年龄最高之成员进行分组,亦可向上报名。

General Information 比賽方式:

Solo Preliminary Round by Video Selection. No Preliminary Round for the Quartet Group.
Mr. Alessi will be the main judge of the solo final . Those applicants selected as the first prize of each group will be invited to perform in Asia Brass Festival.

比賽將依年齡與比賽類別分五組進行,独奏组初赛采影音初选,四重奏组无初赛,直接决赛。Mr. Alessi將擔任独奏決賽主審,每組第一名將受邀於ABF中音樂會演出。

[wpanchor id=”groups”]Groups 組別
Age requirements must be met as of June 30, 2020. 以2020年6月30日為年齡計算基準

Alessi組:Ages 21 and above (birth date of June 30, 1999 or earlier), or Participant of the Seminar

Edwards組:Ages between 16 and 21 (birth date between June 30, 2004 and July 1, 1999)

Getzen組:Ages 16 and under (birth date of July 1, 2004 or later)

Quartet Junior 四重奏青少年組:Ages under 18 (birth date of July 1, 2002 or later), may register the higher age group for competition

Quartet四重奏成年組:Ages 18 and above (birth date of June 30, 2002 or earlier)

Winner of 2019 上届各组优胜者 

  • Alessi: Pedrares Patiño, Ricardo
  • Edwards: Liang, Han Yun
  • Getzen: Li, Ruo Gu

[wpanchor id=”Prize”]Prize 各組獎項

  • Prize for Solo Final Group 獨奏組决赛獎項
    • 1st Prize for Alessi Group: Edwards T-396AR
    • 1st Prize for Edwards Group: Edwards T-350E
    • 1st Prize for Getzen Group: Getzen 4147 Ian Bousfield
    • 2nd Prize for ALL Groups: Full tuition waiver of the seminar or summer camp
    • 3rd Prize for ALL Groups: 50% tuition waiver of the seminar or summer camp
  •  Preliminary Jury Selection 独奏组初賽評審特別獎


  • Prize for Quartet Group 四重奏組獎項
    •1st Prize for Both Groups: Edwards Trombone Cases (3 Tenor & 1 Bass), Quartet Master Class
    • 2nd Prize for Both Groups: Quartet Master Class

 All with the Certificate of merit 以上均含獎狀

Repertoire 指定曲目

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Preliminary round for Solo Group獨奏組初赛曲目

  • Alessi, and all participants: Concerto for Trombone Mov. 1 (Andante et Scherzo – Valse) – Henri Tomasi – Publisher: Alphonse Leduc Editions Musicales
  • Edwards: Fantasy for Trombone – Elizabeth Raum – Publisher: Warwick Music
  • Getzen: Sonata no. 5 – J. E. Galliard (all movements but NO repeats)  – Publisher: International Music Co  

Final round for Solo Group 獨奏組决赛曲目

  • Alessi, and all participants: Pergolesi Sinfonia by Sauer (Wilmbledon Music)
  • Edwards: Sonatina by Alexander von Kreisler (Southern Music)
  • Getzen: Andante and Allegro by Barat (Southern Music)

Final round for Quartet Group 四重奏組决赛曲目

  • Quartet Junior四重奏青少年组: Haydn Achieved is the Glorious Work by Sauer (Cherry Classics)
  • Quartet四重奏成年组: Adagio in G minor by Sauer (Cherry Classics)

Trombone competition application fee 長號大賽報名費

Solo Preliminary 獨奏組影音初選:RMB 300(=~TWD 1290)
Solo Final 獨奏組決賽:RMB 500(=~TWD 2150)
Quartet 重奏組:每組RMB 500(=~TWD 2150)each quartet. No preliminary, final directly 重奏組無初賽,直接於活動期間決賽

Registration 報名方式 Submit the “competition checkbox” when you do the online registration form. If you did not submit the competition when the first registration, please email info@alessiseminarasia.com for additional competition submission. 
請在填寫活動報名表時同時勾選「參加比賽」,如您在當初報名時沒有勾選參加長號大賽,請來信 info@alessiseminarasia.com通知我們補充報名。

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Solo Preliminary Video Requirements 長號大赛独奏初选影片规定

  • Electronic submissions ONLY for Solo Preliminary Round 獨奏組初賽線上徵選
  • Please submit using a link to a Dropbox, Baidu, or Google file (or comparable online sharing service) in an email to info@alessiseminarasia.com before the deadline. Or you can submit the link here Online Audition Submission Form.
  • 請於各组截止日前遞交影音連結至info@alessiseminarasia.com,亦可线上影音递交表单。連結形式可為Dropbox、百度、Google等共享檔案連結或其他類似的影音分享連結。
  • Recent (less than 12 months old) video recording, containing the required program for the preliminary audition only. Record repertoire can be with or without piano. 最近一年內的指定曲目錄影,錄製必須包含長號獨奏,鋼琴伴奏为非必要,可自行决定需要与否。
  • Pieces must be recorded in their entirety and have to be UNEDITED (no cuts).
  • Microphones should be positioned at a distance allowing to obtain a good sound quality.
  • The video must be filmed from the side in a 45 degree angle, using a fixed and wide camera angle; musician’s hands and face must remain visible all the time.
  • Record all selections in the same location. 在同一個地點完成所有錄製
  • Public recordings are accepted, if they meet the recording conditions stated above (especially no cuts).
  • Technical specifications (suggested)建議檔案格式
    Video quality視頻分辨率 – 720p or 1080i or 1080p
    Audio quality 音頻分辨率- 256kbps mp3 or 128aac
    Microphone of adequate quality (no built-in smart phone mic) 良好品質之收音話筒 (不建議使用智能手機內建話筒)
    File Format 檔案格式– mp4 or mov.

Groups 組別The prize 各組獎項Repertoire 指定曲目 |曲目参考与谱例下载 |Preliminary Requirements 初选影片规定